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Shipping from China

While shipping from China to the United States is complicated and costly, there are methods to cut costs by planning and making smart decisions about when to ship, how to package your goods, and how to organize the necessary paperwork.

Shipping services and seasonality can affect how long it takes to deliver cargo from China to the United States. However, we can expedite the process and reduce costs.

When sourcing from China, ensure your potential business associate has a solid track record of dependability and satisfied clients. It is imperative that products should be completed, packed, loaded, and delivered on schedule to ensure timely shipments. The Chinese firm conducting these procedures must be competent to do so successfully.

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We offer Safe and timely delivery anywhere in the world

We offer Safe and timely delivery anywhere in the world:

We can deliver your unique cargo from China to any location in the world because of our extensive experience with shipping enormous heavy goods over many years and our extensive global network. Our multinational staff of specialists understands the difficulties associated with transporting unusual cargo, and they are here to assist you with every step.

Amazon FBA Fulfillment Service

Amazon FBA fulfillment Service:

Having goods shipped from China to Amazon Fulfillment Centers in the United States is a common strategy for sourcing from China. However, getting your commodities to an Amazon warehouse in the United States is a process that necessitates the assistance of a knowledgeable and trustworthy freight forwarder. Using our expert service, you'll find the logistics operation much more manageable and convenient.

We provide the whole suite of services required to ship to Amazon FBA, including labeling, packing, customs clearance, and more. Our logistics experts will coordinate the transport of your goods to Amazon's fulfillment centers (FBAs) to guarantee their timely and secure delivery. Our goal is to streamline and improve upon all aspects of the procedure.

Shortest Shipment Transit Time

Shortest Shipment Transit Time:

The time it takes to send the package depends on factors like size, where you live, and the time of year. Different transit times may be expected. When time is of the essence, companies will exhaust all resources to find the quickest means of transport for their goods.

To satisfy your needs, Shipkoo provides a variety of shipping alternatives, including expedited DDP ocean freight and air shipping. In addition, we offer air cargo express delivery. Our regular air freight from China to the United States takes between 5 and 10 business days, and shipments made via sea usually arrive within 30 days.

We offer the best rates

We offer the best Rates:

A reliable China Freight Forwarder, such as Shipkoo, is your best bet for saving money when shipping cargo from China to the United States.

Shipkoo offers the lowest shipping costs across all carriers because of our massive shipment volume.

Documentation and customs clearance

Documentation and customs clearance:

Shipkoo has extensive expertise transporting items from China to Amazon FBA facilities and private firm addresses in the United States. We take care of all the customs processes and paperwork on your behalf, so you don't have to worry about a thing. Shipping goods from China to the United States is common, and we are familiar with the process from beginning to end.

Shipkoo offers the best solution and prompt feedback for all types of shipments from every city in China via sea and air, and we can offer the best service at a competitive price. In addition, we can also provide the best service for customs clearance, pick-up, and delivery, shipping to Amazon FBA, and warehousing.

Dedicated Customer Service

Dedicated Customer Service:

Your cargo is handled expertly at Shipkoo. Our committed customer service, cutting-edge paperwork, tracking, and data storage guarantee your package's timely and successful processing.

We help you with the logistical, packing, and procedural requirements of exporting while facilitating your foreign business. We will provide the finest solution for your transportation for any mode of transportation thanks to our expertise and years of experience.