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Shipkoo is the one-stop solution provider offering fulfillment with worldwide express shipping powered by advanced technologies and data analytics.

We Are the Next Generation of eCommerce Shipping Solutions

Smarter. Faster. Easier.

Shipkoo’s operating system for eCommerce shipping is a unique operating model that uses proprietary tech. Your business is unique, our shipping solution should be too. Our wide range of services is designed to build your specific solution.

Express Shipping

We combine our existing volume with your packages to save costs.

Get the best rates for 3-7 days express delivery. Moreover, you save duty and taxes by optimizing your shipping solutions.

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Ecommerce Fulfillment

Fulfillment near the manufacturers means higher efficiency in managing inventory.

Pick, pack and dispatch your orders from one of our fulfillment centers located close to where your products are manufactured. Perfect for any form of online retailers.

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FBA Prep & Forwarding

We take our customers shipments from the factory and prepare them to fit Amazon’s standards.

We take care of your FBA shipment by picking up inventory at the manufacturer, preparing for shipment and delivery to the Amazon fulfillment center of your choice.

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crowdfunding fulfillment

Crowdfunding Fulfillment

Shipkoo helps you to pick, pack & ship your crowdfunding backer rewards.

No matter where your backers live, Shipkoo’s crowdfunding pick, pack & ship services with tracking can get your rewards to the supporters who have followed your product journey.

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shipkoo all in one

All-in-One Digital Platform

With Shipkoo, you can easily keep track of your inventory in all our different fulfillment centers. The platform gives you full visibility on your stock levels and will give you an automatic update when you are running out of stock. Let us know in a few clicks when new inventory arrives and we handle the rest!

All-in-One Digital Platform

Easily manage all your incoming orders through the fully integrated Shipkoo platform. Connect your favourite eCommerce store through API integration and see your orders appear in the platform. Effortlessly make adjustments to your orders and get them ready for shipment.

All-in-One Digital Platform

Get full visibility and tracking information on the shipments created for your orders. Easily group orders together into one shipment and have them shipped out via our Shipkoo hub. Choose from a wide range of shipping routes to get your products to your customers for the lowest costs possible.

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Global Coverage
Free SaaS Solution
Lower Taxes & Duties
Save Money on Shipping
Expertise on Online Business
Minimize Inventory

Drop accelerates innovative products and trims warehousing costs by 70%

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Simplify your logistics

Let us help you make cross-border fulfillment and shipping easier

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Integrate with your favorite eCommerce channels and start shipping out your orders

Save money

Spend less on inventory and global express shipping

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