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All-in-One Digital Platform - Inventory, Orders, and Shipping

Shipkoo provides an integrated solution in which we cover every part of the supply chain. Our platform connects global logistics services and makes them readily available for eCommerce players of any size.

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User-friendly Interface

Our state-of-the-art operating system is simple and intuitive, covering warehousing operations, transportation and order management. You can set up your account profile in a few clicks, within minutes of logging into your account, you will feel comfortable and in control of your business. Everything is integrated and made available in the Shipkoo Platform, which can be accessed through the website.

Multi-channel Integrations

The Shipkoo Platform is integrated with various online marketplaces from around the world, allowing our users to sync orders and provide tracking information. eCommerce sellers can simply manage all of their stores’ incoming orders, and book shipments at the lowest costs available in the platform. Shipkoo takes care of everything else and makes sure your orders will arrive successfully at the end-customer.

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Order Management

Shipkoo aims to take the stress of fulfillment off your plate while giving you thorough insight into all aspects of your business. Our cutting-edge order management platform enables you to have customized and automated order fulfillment solutions.

  • List iconPowerful automated dashboard
  • List iconSync your eCommerce stores
  • List iconCombine orders into one shipment
  • List iconChoose between available hubs & routes
  • List iconFull visibility on your inventory
  • List iconLabel printing tool
  • List iconLive status updates
  • List iconEdit incoming orders

Platform Features

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Inventory management

Manage your SKUs, so you know when to reorder from your suppliers

Inventory Management Feature

Shipping labels

Our system helps you to generate shipping label in only a few click

Multiple Fulfillment Feature

Order tracking

Monitor shipments and share tracking updates with your customers

Order Tracking Feature

Multiple fulfillment centers

Split inventory across multiple locations to cut down on shipping times

Shipping Calculator Feature

Data importing

Easily upload bulk data from an Excel file directly to our system