27 Mar 2020

How to Ship Liquids Internationally

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To ship liquids isn’t an easy task. Many couriers are not accepting those products because they are dangerous. And if they do, you may need to meet all their requirements. Shipping liquids across borders is even more complicated because each destination country has its own set of regulations. Many countries have strict rules for flammable or alcoholic products and a special license may be required.

The most important thing is to know how to carefully pack your shipments. They should be protected to avoid leakage or damage.

Here are some tips for you on how to ship liquids safely:

1. Identify

Always make sure to identify the type of liquid. There are some liquids that are considered dangerous. It is better to have an understanding with the kind of product before shipping. Nail polish, gasoline, perfumes containing alcohol, alcoholic beverages, or poisons cannot be mailed internationally through ordinary services, a commercial carrier is required.

2. Double seal

Make sure that your product has a double seal. It is the most possible way to prevent your product from leakage. Double seal can keep the bottle or product secure. Double check the product if it won't take off during the shipping period.

3. Waterproof bag

Make sure that the bottle containing the liquid is inside a waterproof bag. You need to find a large waterproof bag, just in case it will stick out. Make sure that bottle is completely sealed inside a waterproof bag.

4. Cardboard box

Prepare a cardboard box. Place the product inside a cardboard box and make sure to fill in any space with packing peanuts or a bubble wrap. Just to make sure you have extra protection for your product.

5. Mark your box

Make sure to write the words "FRAGILE" or "LIQUID" on all sides of your package. This note will let the couriers or handlers know that they must be handled with care.

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