14 Sep 2020

Selling on Amazon or eBay?

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fba vs fbm: A full comparison for ecommerce sellers


18 Jan 2023

Benefits of using Amazon FBA Prep Service

Amazon is the cross-border eCommerce retail platform with the largest number of products in the world. It has high regulations for sellers and is suitable for strong sellers. Since it started in 1995, the company has grown to become a market leader in online retail.

  1. There are a huge customer base and total traffic advantage, with total traffic of 80 million per month
  2. Strong logistics and warehousing system software and service items
  3. Website linkage, such as the Amazon Europe website, only need an account in my country to sell to the European market;
amazon or ebay

eBay currently has more than 150 million customers, and it is also the first cross-border eCommerce platform that most sellers in my country have encountered. It is suitable for sellers who have an advantage in supply chain management or have certain export resources.

  1. The actual operation is very simple, and the capital investment is not large;
  2. New sellers can be exposed by auction;
  3. The threshold for opening a physical store is relatively low, but the standards are complex and require scientific research.
amazon vs. ebay

There are some disadvantages of selling on both Amazon and eBay. Therefore, it is best to carefully weigh your options before committing to the platform.

  1. Limited control
    Marketplaces do not exist to help you, but to help themselves. They want the focus to be on the products, not the sellers. And that means they might restrict the degree to which you can brand your presence, communicate with customers, dictate what items you can and cannot sell, and so on.
  2. Marketplace fees
    Setting up shop on a marketplace can potentially supercharge your sales, but it also exposes you to another cost center: marketplace fees. Most marketplace fees are deducted as a percentage of each sale, and can vary from site to site and even category to category.

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