18 Jan 2023

Amazon FBA or Shopify Fulfilment - Choose the Right Option for your Business!

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fba vs fbm: A full comparison for ecommerce sellers


18 Jan 2023

Benefits of using Amazon FBA Prep Service
Amazon FBA or Shopify Fulfilment - Choose the Right Option for your Business!

Deciding between Shopify and Amazon isn't trivial, but it's doable, provided you have a firm grasp of their key distinctions. Before settling on a specific platform, it's wise to consider the type of investment strategy you want to use. Even if you're serious about it, using both Amazon and Shopify might be the best option.

There's no denying that both are top-tier e-commerce options for vendors, so the question becomes which is best for you. Some commonalities exist, but each provides sellers and brands with unique benefits:

Similarities between Amazon FBA and Shopify Fulfilment:

You're the one in charge of Shopify, and that comes with a lot of responsibility, while for the same thing, you pay Amazon FBA fee, and it does all efforts on your behalf. Major parallels between Shopify and Amazon FBA logistics include the following:

  • Having a legally recognized company sign up to sell on Amazon or Shopify is unnecessary. Personal details are required for registration. However, once you're in, you may start selling immediately. Amazon has stringent requirements for account creation, including a valid government ID, a credit card with available funds, and relevant tax and financial data.
  • If you have questions about being a seller on either platform, you can contact the seller support team and get answers. In addition, a wealth of informative content and resources available on both sites should help you with any concerns you may have as a vendor.
  • Listing your products for sale is a breeze when you establish your accounts on various marketplaces, despite some initial learning curves. The user interface of each service will advise you of the necessary product details for launch. Both platforms allow you to set up shop without any knowledge of programming languages.
Differences between Amazon FBA and Shopify Fulfilment:

Here are the basic differences between Amazon FBA and Shopify Fulfilment store:


On Amazon, you can choose between the Professional Plan and the Individual Plan if you're a vendor. When signing up for the Individual plan, there is no initial cost. You may test out Amazon with their free membership and learn the ropes before shelling out the $39.99 monthly for the full-featured pro version. There is a different type of Amazon FBA fee to consider in addition to the standard referral, refund, and selling charges.

While the standard pricing for Shopify's basic selling plan is $29.99 per month after a 14-day free trial, you'll incur transaction costs depending on your Shopify fulfilment plan's features and tier. If you use a payment gateway not integrated with Shopify, you will be charged a transaction fee of between 0.5% and 2.0% of each sale you make.

Only by accepting payments through Shopify can you avoid these charges. Fees associated with processing payments, however, are practically unavoidable.

Ease of use:

Once your sales application has been accepted, selling with Amazon FBA is easy. To create an Amazon listing, pick a free, pre-made design, brand it with your logo, and fill it out with your images and text. Those are the sole customization choices for your shop. Thanks to Amazon's convenient drag-and-drop interface, you won't need any computer programming or graphic design expertise to get started.

On the contrary, opening a Shopify store requires more work. This, however, does not imply that it is difficult to accomplish, and the payoff is significant. You can make many changes to Shopify to make it your own. It has everything you need to open your shop independently.

Customer Support:

Sellers have varying opinions on Shopify's customer assistance. The opinions are split, but some find it fantastic. Some people feel it's pointless to try, so giving the service a shot is essential while offering a free trial. In addition to conventional contact methods such as phone, email, and live chat, a wealth of self-help resources are also available. Resources include forums, support centres, free training courses and tutorials, developer documentation, webinars, podcasts, and blogs.

If you are interested in learning more about Amazon FBA, the Seller Central section of Amazon's website contains valuable materials at no cost to you. Materials of this type can be found in movies, PDFs, online training, recorded webinars, etc., without any Amazon FBA fee. In addition, there is a free Amazon FBA starting seller's handbook available for download. The lack of a phone number or other simple means of contacting Amazon's customer service is notable. Logging into your merchant account and making a support ticket is the easiest way to get in touch with a real person.


Over 3,500 apps and extensions may be found in Shopify's app store. Whatever it is you're seeking, you'll be able to locate it here. Many apps and extensions available in Shopify's app store are free, but others need a one-time payment or recurring subscription. Once you've gotten a feel for the system's default settings and capabilities, you can gradually expand your customizations.

With an Amazon FBA fulfilment strategy, the most spectacular integration is between Amazon and certain e-Commerce platforms. The most comprehensive marketplace, Amazon FBA, and one of the top e-Commerce platforms, Shopify fulfilment, can be integrated using a module.


It's difficult to choose between Shopify and Amazon FBA. While Shopify fulfilment and Amazon FBA are good possibilities for an e-Commerce business, your pick must be based on your growth plans. Amazon FBA fee and Shopify plan fee could be the main criteria to make your choice.

Investing in Amazon is a good choice if you want to take on more risk in exchange for a larger return in a shorter amount of time. On the other hand, Shopify may be the superior choice if your investment strategy involves building your successful brand.

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