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Crowdfunding can be used to introduce a new product or service or establish a new business. To achieve any goal, careful planning is essential. For the success of your campaign, you must use a reliable fulfillment firm.

Many people turn to crowdfund campaigns to support the development of a new product or service; however, even if you manage to raise the necessary funds through crowdfunding, you won't be able to rest easy until you've delivered the promised benefits to your contributors. Fulfilling orders from a crowdfunding campaign while establishing a new supply chain presents unique logistical challenges, so hiring a top-notch crowdfunding fulfillment firm is crucial.

Interested in optimizing your logistics?

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All-Included Rate

We make sure that you or your backers won't experience any unwelcome surprises. All the taxes and other additional charges are included in the total rate for your shipment

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Full Cost Transparency

You can have full insight into the costs for shipping out your campaign’s products. We will let you know the exact costs for pick-up, fulfillment, and shipping to all destinations worldwide

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Full Tracking

For every single one of your orders you will receive a tracking number so your customers have full visibility of the whereabouts of their order

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How does Shipkoo help with your crowdfunding campaign

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    Get in Touch
    Drop us a line and we will get in touch as soon as possible




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    연락처를 남겨두면 빠른 시일 내에 연락드리겠습니다


    shipkoo ecommerce order shipping fulfillment service
  • Step 2

    Order Exchange
    Based on your complete order list we will determine the fulfillment and shipping costs




    주문 처리
    네가 완성한 주문서에 근거해서 우리는 운송방식과 비용을 확정할 것이다.


    shipkoo best ecommerce fulfillment service thorough product inspection and stocking
  • Step 3

    Either send your inventory to our fulfillment centers or let us pick them up at the manufacturer




    물품을 찾다
    너의 화물을 우리의 창고로 운송하든지 아니면 우리가 너를 도와 공장에서 물건을 가져오든지 한다.


    shipkoo best ecommerce origin fulfillment service
  • Step 4

    We prepare your orders and make them ready for shipment




    창고에 배급하다
    우리는 너의 주문서와 운송 과정을 잘 준비했다.


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  • Step 5

    All the orders are being shipped out to backers worldwide




    모든 주문서는 세계 각지의 스폰서로 보내질 것이다.


    shipkoo ecommerce order fulfillment service product pickup


Proprietary features designed to manage crowdfunding fulfillment

Pick And Pack

What is Crowdfunding fulfillment?

Services such as managing stock, packing orders, and last-mile delivery of rewards to backers are called "crowdfunding fulfillment". Several difficulties associated with crowdfunding initiatives aren't present with selling more conventional products. Fast and efficient picking, packing, and shipping of many items at once are essential for crowdfunding fulfillment.

Fulfilling orders via a crowdfunding platform differs from doing so in the conventional sense. It's a crucial component of the campaign that's often forgotten, but it may make or break your fundraising campaign's success.

Crowdfunding projects often use a third-party last-mile delivery service, and their creators are happy to outsource the task. It can be difficult and time-consuming to fulfill orders from many backers who have each pledged for a unique reward.

Propriety Platform

Challenges to crowdfunding fulfillment:

The power behind any successful online store is its fulfillment system. The same applies to crowdfunding fulfillment services. Your crowdfunding fulfillment center will match your list of funders with their reward selections, pack and ship the products, and leave you with a happy customer base.

Common problems that crowdfunding fulfillment managers encounter include:

  • Costly international logistics:

    Most crowdfunding efforts are now conducted online, where they can reach backers all around the world. Extra fees may be incurred when shipments are made to international backers due to differences in local taxes and customs regulations.

  • The large volume of product:

    Once a crowdfunding project has been completed and funded, the prizes must be delivered to the contributors. Rewards fulfillment for a large number of backers in a short amount of time can be a time-consuming and complicated procedure. Last-mile delivery services are essential to ensure these products' safe and timely delivery.

  • Large and fragile items:

    Sometimes rewards are very sophisticated and require extra care. Different packing techniques, shipping routes, whether by sea or air, and insurance policies are necessary to protect these items during transport. Dimensions, mass, and transport constraints must all be considered.

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Why Choose Shipkoo?

As a top e-commerce fulfillment firm, we know how challenging it may be to introduce a new business or product to the market. That's why we offer our support to help businesses just like yours carry out their crowdfunding campaigns. We offer order fulfillment services to ensure all backers who promise to purchase your goods.

We Offer Competitive Rates

We offer competitive rates!

Customers can save more with Shipkoo because of the low prices, premium packaging, and other perks they provide. Shipkoo's pricing is clear, so you can easily estimate your fulfillment costs and allocate funds accordingly.

If you provide your backers with a pleasant and stress-free experience, they'll be more likely to support your future online campaigns. The logistics of packing and sending out incentives are essential to the rewards process.


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