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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is your warehouse located in the US?

Hayward, California.

Does Shipkoo be able to collect directly from the supplier factory?


Would the shipment be picked up at the sorting centre?


Do you have someone who can pick up from my supplier and then ship?


Can you explain to me about your work?

We are one-stop shipping solution company. We support FCL and LCL shipments, and we serve FBA Prep & forwarding, e-commerce fulfilment, warehousing/transhipping, sourcing and etc.

We provide B2B, B2C, C2C, D2C, in China, outbound to US, UK, EU, Canada, AUS, Japan, (Korea- onlyB2C).

We work closely with Amazon, Shopify, Walmart platform.

Do you have a broker in-house?


What’s the difference between DDP and DAP(DDU) service?

If you’ve your own company bond, you may go for the DAP service;

If you don’t have, then you’ve to go for our DDP service (which we’ll use our company bond to help you declared).

Does Shipkoo have any payment terms applied?

Yes. According to different client’s order record.

Can we only keep the stock for 30 days?

Yes. We do provide short-period storing.

Do you extra charge us if we used our own shipping bags?

No. There’s no extra fees charge.

How is the handling of duty and VAT when imported to EU and non-EU countries?

Determine by the custom when goods sending.

Will it be possible to ship the return’s shipment back to origin country?

No. It will follow the shipment return back to sender address.

Does your shipping prices include fuel charge?


Are the border fees include in the shipping price to UK?


Do you provide API integration?


How much will you charge per pcs after 30 days?

$0.02USD/unit. *T&C

Can you ship hydrogel face masks?

Yes. We do.

Do you offer kitting services to put multiple items together from different suppliers?

Yes. We do.

Do you have MOQ ?


How do you deal with fulfilling orders during the holidays?

Our fulfilment operation center will be closed for only A DAY.