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Amazon Distribution Center

Participating in the Amazon FBA program entails using Amazon warehousing & distributing products. The business will manage your stock, improving your sales process's effectiveness.

If a business needs to speed up shipment times and cut costs by outsourcing fulfillment, Fulfillment by Amazon distribution centers is a viable solution. Sellers on Amazon don't need to set up their fulfillment system or look for a 3PL company because they can trust Amazon being their logistics partner.

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Why need a Local Distribution

Why need a Local Distribution center?

Amazon sources many products from China. Online marketplaces like Alibaba have facilitated the distribution of such goods to various businesses. Even smaller retailers can get their hands on these low-priced goods. First-time sellers on Amazon will benefit greatly from learning the ins and outs of working with Chinese suppliers to have their products listed and sold on Amazon Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA).

Suppliers may not be trustworthy

Suppliers may not be trustworthy:

There is no assurance that the suppliers listed on Alibaba can be trusted. As a result, it is essential to evaluate the providers thoroughly before placing the initial order. Because most countries don't have direct flights to China, it would be too expensive to fly there solely to address problems.

One need only rent a room in China to set up their own temporary company and start selling their own imported goods. Furthermore, if the quality of the product does not meet the standards outlined in the agreement, there is no way to have it revised or returned.

The manufacturer may not be the best supplier

The manufacturer may not be the best supplier:

Some people believe it is best to buy directly from the manufacturer to save money on production expenses and retail markup. This, however, can be tricky, especially for larger firms. It could be beneficial to employ go-betweens, and a small one may not receive the necessary attention from major manufacturers compared to larger sellers on Amazon.

One needs to employ a vital agent or intermediary to circumvent this issue. If the client has questions about shipping, exporting, Amazon Warehousing & Distribution, the agent will be able to answer them and put them in touch with the right people to help.

Third-Party Logistic Facility

Third-Party Logistics facility:

You can either ship from China straight to Amazon FBA facilities, or you can ship to an Amazon distribution centers or a third-party logistics provider (TPL) and subsequently to Amazon FBA. Direct shipments from China require that you give detailed instructions to your Chinese supplier on how to prepare your goods for shipment to FBA properly. Although this rarely presents an issue, there are occasions when it does. One combined cargo from China can be divided into smaller parcels, quality inspected and prepared for FBA if you ship via a U.S. Third Party Logistics (3PL) provider or by yourself (if in the United States).

Why Choose Us

Why Choose us?

Shipkoo's sophisticated logistics platform allows you hands-free management of your Amazon Warehousing & Distribution stock. You can estimate sales in various cities, allowing us to stock the appropriate quantities of goods in our amazon distribution centers. Some providers in the domestic market cannot automate this process, so they must add staff to handle the influx of orders.

Even while our fulfillment network consists of cutting-edge infrastructure and a wide range of facilities designed to accommodate the handling of customer orders, our employees are responsible for bringing Amazon's enchantment to life for our clientele.

We will ensure that Amazon's standards pack your things. If you are done with rejected shipments and time lost due to noncompliance. Let us take care of the details so you can put energy into growing your business rather than managing day-to-day operations.